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History of Lenartov


  • Name: Lenartov
  • District: Bardejov
  • Govertment region: prešovský
  • The first written reference: year 1427
  • Inhabitants: 1 075 (on 1.12.2012)
The earliest record of the village Lenartov dates from 1427, 65 years before the first mention of the discovery of America.
Name of the village is mentioned in the writings of the 16th century under the name “Lenartwagas”, in 17th century as “Lenarthó” and in the 18th century known as “Lenartow”.
The village was established on Malcov property and belonged to Andrew laird of Liptov. In early 17th century the village belonged Kappyov family and in the 19th it belonged to Prince Leopold of Anhalt in Dessau?
Along with Malcov, Lenartov, Lukov, Venecia, Snakov and Obručné.
Since 1833 the tenant of the lands was Mr. Stefan Hedry. A few buildings from property of Mr. Herdy have been preserved to these days.
Residents made ​​their living working on the manor fields, but also by handicrafts, such as blacksmith, charcoal burning, sheep-farming and working in the woods.
A trade route from Poland to Galicia led through the village in the late 19th century. Some remains are still visible. These include the ruins of an Inn King’s well,
which was one of the stops of the journey. Well is still standing. It lies close to the Polish-Slovak border.

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